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    We believe that beauty is in simplicity. That’s why we approach technical issues in a simple and comprehensible manner. We create transparent and straightforward solutions.




    Temify is a certified partner to hundreds of company clients. The company was founded by the merging of top suppliers in the area of telecommunication, IT & IT sourcing with the objective of introducing new products to the market, unifying the brand, and enabling a further expansion. The founders are very successful and experienced professionals who set the course of the company. With an annual turnover exceeding 120 million CZK, the company has a stable yet ever-growing client portfolio.


    The story of Temify started a long time ago. At one time we became aware of how much the world of IT and computers in general had gradually become more prominent in our lives. This world, however, is one that most users do not know much about, and thus are often afraid of it. We also cannot stand not understanding the workings of something we need and use every day, and upon what our development is dependent almost entirely. In many cases, the difference in acquiring a new deal can be made by something as small as whether an e-mail is or is not sent.


    Although we were IT amateurs at that time, we were highly motivated to educate ourselves in this area. Over the course of several months, IT and programming became our hobbies. The most interesting thing among all? We realized it does not have to be as complicated, incomprehensible and intricate as it may have seemed at first. In fact, IT is for the most part logical, intuitive and, most importantly, fun!


    We certainly understand that it might not be as fun for everybody. However, we believe that anyone who wants to understand this area can get to understand its principles completely. And above all, everybody has the right to ask for such issues to be explained to them in the most comprehensible way.


    That is why we started Temify: to help users in companies understand IT better, and see it as a truly supporting element of their business. We are lucky to have a team consisting of IT enthusiasts and professionals, who perceive this topic the same way we do. We are able to communicate with each client individually, and thus help solve their problems with the correct ration between experties, non-technical explanation and a friendly approach.


    We let the numbers speak for themselves.

    2 340 minutes

    daily average spent assisting our clients on the phone

    50 new projects

    a month are successfully completed thanks to the Project List app

    790 emails

    on average sent daily to our clients

    260 hours

    daily average length of our clients’ calls

    8 400 km

    our sales people travel monthly to our clients

    4 784 outgoing calls

    average number of calls that takes place thanks to us daily


    Facilitate the management of your sales team. From a detailed pipe-line view all the way to a module for smooth realization of contracts.


    We’ve got top notch stuff!

    Telecommunication services

    State of the art solutions for your business

    Whether what you need is simple sales-oriented communication, or a robust call-center infrastructure: Let our team of experienced professionals save your time and resources in a way you appreciate and understand! 24/7 support and assistance included.

    SW development

    Let our software be your hero

    Our development team is here to meet your requirements in terms of the perfect CRM solution for your business. Let us take over and complete the development of your software at any stage, according to your needs. Or simply go ahead and use any of our existing apps! Be it the management of your service personnel calendar or monitoring the results of your sales, we’ve got just what you need!

    Complete ICT solution

    Start with the basics

    Give our services a try by switching to Google! Or are you a Microsoft fan? Let’s get you on Office 365. Let us take care of all the crucial tasks, walk you through the whole process, and let you focus on your business in the meantime!


    A complex set of IT tools for a smoother running of your office. Includes the following modules: e-mail, calendar, directory, management of mobile devices, tools for work with documents, and many more.


    A tool for the management of your engineers in the field and the organization of their work. Displayed in the form of an endless calendar with the option of scaling according to the number of technicians and time periods.


    Temify chooses strong and stable global partners from the IT and telecommunications sectors. Partners whose products go hand in hand with our values: simple, user-friendly, yet efficient and with high added value for the client.


    Thanks to our partnership with Google and other major companies, we are always informed about the top news in the world of information and telecommunication technologies firsthand. We attend expert conferences and training directly in Silicon Valley. Thanks to that we can always offer our clients the very best solutions there are on the market.


  • TEAM

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    Otakar Seďa

    Solution Manager

    Jan Kortus

    Solution Manager

    Martin Kárný

    Project Manager

    Kristýna Oscúhová

    Project Manager

    Vítězslav Zach

    Solution Designer

    Adam Nešleha

    IT Talent Sourcer

    Jan Mašinda

    Account Manager

    Jiří Knesl

    Head of SW Development

    Filip Rybín

    Sales Development

    Daniel Škarda

    Senior SW Development

    David Lapeš

    SW Developer

    Peter Neupauer

    SW Developer




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